Using taxis for corporate use

There are many advantages to using corporate taxis, one of them being that it entitles your company to a very interesting discount as soon as you sign a contract with a local taxi company. Signing up to a corporate contract with a taxi firm means that staff and business associates will have access to a reliable taxi service when they need to get to the airport or train station. Business associates can be picked up on their arrival for any business meetings they may have with your company in a professional manner that helps improve the image and first impression business people have of your company. You will find both Hackney Carriage taxi firms and minicab companies that offer corporate services and the best place to find one such company is on the internet. If your business is in the Lancing area then all you have to do is go online and Google the words ‘Lancing taxi’ or ‘Taxi Lancing’ and this should bring up a list of taxi companies that offer all sorts of corporate deals, entitling them to great taxi service discounts. Corporate customers can have a saving of up to 30% on all fares which is a massive amount of money if your business needs to use a taxi service on a regular basis. All businesses whether large, medium or small, have to keep an eye on annual expenditures so by signing a corporate deal with a local taxi service, you are having to budget less on transport than if you did not which works out to a large saving over the course of twelve months.

Things to do in Lancing

The lovely town of Lancing is superbly placed close to many other towns like Brighton, Arundel and Hove. With so many attractions both in the town and the surrounding areas, many visitors love to take a weekend break in the region.

One popular place where people love to go and pamper themselves is at The Spa in Lancing. This wonderful spa resort offers Fish Pedicures, Soothing Massages as well as a hair dressing salon where you can really kick back in affordable luxury being looked after by a friendly team of staff.

If you are looking for a little culture and history then a short taxi ride away is the wonderful church of St, Mary’s also known as Sompting Parish Church. It’s the only Rhenish Helm spire in the whole of the United Kingdom and was built by the Anglo-Saxons, although over time bits were added on and changed.

Then there’s the magnificent Lancing College which is a building that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century and where the famous novelist Evelyn Waugh was educated. The great thing about region is that everything is easy to get to and finding a taxi in Lancing is also a simple affair.

A weekend at The Sussex Pad is a delightful experience. This family run hotel always offers visitors a warm welcome, and being so close to Shoreham Airport and Lancing College, is a great base to stay at. The hotel is also situated around a mile from the coast, so it’s a firm favourite with families and people who want to enjoy the lovely south coast for a holiday.

How can taxis benefit you?

There are many benefits to using a taxi over some other modes of transport.

If you are travelling to an airport, it is more convenient and sometimes even cheaper to use a taxi than public transport or using your own car.

If you use public transport you are tied to their timetables, and if there is a problem then you might miss a connection or a flight. If you need to travel early in the morning or late at night this is also not very convenient.

If you use your own car to get to and from the airport then you have to pay for it to be parked somewhere, and you might find you still have to get a bus or train to the actual airport terminal. If you use a taxi then you will not be worrying about the security of the car while you are away on holiday or on business.

If you have been on a night out then it is safer to get a taxi home, and is the only choice if you have been drinking. This means that everyone can enjoy the night without worrying about someone having to drive home later.

It can also work out very cheap if everyone shares a taxi home.

Using a taxi on night out

There is nothing like a good night out with friends, and few drinks, for a bit of fun! But let’s face it who really wants to be the designated driver, and not drink while everyone else gets progressively merrier? There is always the risk that the driver will give in to the abundant temptation, and have ‘just one’ drink. However even a small amount of alcohol will impair judgement. And it is easy to progress from ‘just one’, to several drinks.

The best plan is to book a taxi for your night out. This way everyone can have a good time, no one feels guilty or awkward, and most import, everyone is safe. You can book ahead, and shop around for the best deal. Alternatively you can just ring for a taxi in Lancing, or anywhere else, and be dropped off. You can either make an arrangement then, to be taken home later, or call when you are ready to go.

The cost of a taxi will be quite modest if it is divided among a group, so make sure you arrange to get together for an evening out, or a function. This is really important for vulnerable people, and young people, especially girls returning home late. You are safer in a group, and much safer and more comfortable travelling home in a taxi. Using a taxi just makes sense.

Reasons to take a taxi home

There are many reasons why it is sensible to take a taxi home.

If you are leaving work or a venue late at night it is safer to travel by registered taxi than public transport, especially if you are travelling alone.

At this time of year there are many New Year parties to be celebrated, and if you want to be able to enjoy yourself and drink then it makes sense to take a taxi home. You can either book one in advance which means you have a certain time you know you will be home, which means that friends and family will not have to worry, or just get one when you feel ready to go home.

If you are going to be out late then by taking a taxi home you will not have to worry about what time the last train or bus home is.

If you share a taxi with friends it is even safer and can work out fairly cheap!

If you have a long journey home then you can fall asleep in the back of a taxi without worrying about missing the stop, and ending up at the end of the bus, tube or train line!